Search Engine Optimization has become the most important part of any website and online business; without proper optimization it is quite difficult for any website to succeed or even survive in the tough competition of the internet world. Search Engine Optimization helps the site owners to accomplish two main objectives; firstly they help the site owners to convince the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft’s Bing about the quality and importance of the website and secondly they help the site owners to get hold of the target customers. The better optimization a website gets, the better is its chance to accomplish the above two objectives and succeed in the online business. Different search engines work in different ways to go through the websites;

When a website is published in the internet the spiders or bots of the search engines go through that website and rate it accordingly.

Google is often considered as the best search engine among all others; not only they help in getting good online business, but they also help common people in several ways. Google was introduced decades back by two PhDs and now it is the most used search engine. Currently, they run millions of servers all over the world and process billions of search requests. Google is generally used as a search engine, but because of its rapid growth several partnership businesses and chains of products have come to being. Google is sometimes also considered as the money making engine for the common people; they provide several opportunities for the common people to earn their living. Google also provides several necessary productivity software like the Google talk and other tools. The social networking services offered by Google have also helped millions of people from all over the world. There are several other facilities that Google provides, which have proved to be extremely helpful for people.

Google is known best as a search engine; millions of people from all over the world use Google for searching important information and Google too have proved to be the best in this. They process billions of search requests and they cover almost equal numbers of websites. Lately, the search engine services provided by Google have improved a lot. The AJAX application which has replaced the old static HTML page has made searching easier and faster. The drop down search list has made searching much easier for people. When a website is published in the internet, the spiders and bots released by this search engine goes through the site and determines the quality and importance of the site and rates it accordingly. If the site succeeds to achieve high rates, they achieve high ranking in the search engine pages according to the used keywords. When any user searches for any information in this search engine using the keywords provided by Google, the search engine returns thousands of results relevant to that keyword. Google is improving day by day and they are offering new applications and plans for the use of the internet users.